Spanish-American War

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Spanish-American War
1 Newspaper headledlines are screaming about a war in cuba
1.1 These newspaper publishers help the war vs. spain, it was Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst
1.1.1 The newspaper writes crated sensational, often exaggerated news stories. So it cause many Americans for the Cuban rebels. They also created stories about Spanish brutality William MCKinley was elected president and made sevral events soon led to war They sent a U.S Battleship USS Maine to Havana Harbor. The USS Maine mission was to protect the U.S Citizens. The USS Maine exploded and sank with a loss of 266 men American Press immediately blamed Spain after the explosion US declared a war on spain Us army was 280000 men in war but, did not have enough rifle, ammunition, and not appropriate clothing either Landing on june 22, 1998, US troops captured the hills around main spanish forces at Santiago Main US force then attacked and captured San Jaun Hill. The Rough Riders and the African American 9th and 10th calvalries captured nearby Kettle Hill Spanish fleet tried to break through the bloackade that the US setup but the Spanish lost and invaded Puerto Rico and days later Spanish surrenderd with a signed cease-fire agreement of august 12 1898
1.2 Spain owned Cuba and Puerto Rico, but some Cubans revolted agains Spanish rule. So many Americans sympathized with Cuba's fight for independence.
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