History Exam (Romans-Early Europe)

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History Exam (Romans-Early Europe)
1 Romans
1.1 Fall of Roman Empire
1.1.1 internal mines ran dry after peak gold low money couldnt pay for large army hired mercanaries cheaper not as loyal raised taxes gap between classes increased less silver into coins items cost more money inflation inflation everyone poorer gap between classes increased
1.1.2 external outside attacks huns attacked germanic tribes germanic tribes fled to roman empire
1.1.3 Western Roman Empire Weaker because capital was far away
1.1.4 Eastern Roman Empire Had new capital Became strong Byzantine Empire Fall 4th Crusade Sack of Constantinople Economy went down population leaves no organization
2 Islam
2.1 success
2.1.1 good army strong, well paid soldiers element of surprise at neighboring places people of dessert neighbors didn't expect strength unity in same religion
2.1.2 tolerant of conquered people small tax small if muslim larger but still small if non muslim tolerant of religion no forced religion
2.2 fall
2.2.1 Shi'a-Sunni conflict who should rule?? muhammed relative civil war ummayads took over everything taken over by abassids 1258 sack of baghdad economic devastation weakens break up to caliphates not muhamed relative just good muslim civil war
2.2.2 too large to control break up to caliphates
3 West African Kingdoms
3.1 Ghana
3.1.1 Trade Taxes off traders coming everything brought in some goes to king King is wealthy Strong Army Territory Grows
3.1.2 Gold Mines
3.1.3 Salt Trade Easy because camels
3.2 Mali
3.2.1 Organized Strong Government Islamic Unity
3.2.2 essentially the same Trade
3.3 Decline of Kingdoms
3.3.1 gold ran out trade decline economy inflated
3.3.2 poor leadership
3.4 City States
3.4.1 Portugese Attacked didn't intentionally want to found "gold mine" trade disruption poor economy weakens
3.4.2 Success Good Trade On Coast Monsoons helped Ivory gold animal stuff
4 Frank Kingdom
4.1 Power
4.1.1 Expansion Strong Army Disclipined Organized
4.1.2 Well ruled
4.1.3 Alliance with Church
4.1.4 Unified by Religion Clovis converted United with Church set boundary for kingdom Charlemagne By church is Holy Emperor Pepin the Short became king of franks
4.1.5 Power Promoted Learning
4.2 Decline
4.2.1 too large, split ineffective rulers invasions viking magguar muslims
5 Mongols
5.1 Decline
5.1.1 Too big
5.1.2 Death of Ghenghis Khan Divided amongst 4 sons
5.2 Success
5.2.1 Good army fierce warrriors terrorize cruel on horseback
5.2.2 Genghis Khan
5.3 nomads
5.4 good on horseback
5.5 Horrible to conquered people
5.5.1 after conquer extreme tolerance only tax Tolerance of conquered people mongols became chinese mongols became persian Mongol Empire dissappeared
6 China
6.1 Sui
6.1.1 built great wall around territory Overworked and Overtaxed
6.1.2 Canal around for trade Overworked and Overtaxed People oveerthrew and rebelled at government Tang Grew because of trade Started Civil Service Exam Strong bureacracy Strong Centralized Gov Fell because rebels sacked capital Song Golden Age good empire Civil Service Exam Good trade MONGOLS TOOK OVER
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