Mother, Any Distance

Beckie Hardy
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Mother, Any Distance
1 Form
1.1 Loose sonnet
1.2 Irregular
2 Imagery
2.1 "at the zero end"
2.1.1 mother is at the zero She's at the beginning - she was there from the beginning She gave him life
2.1.2 Link to tape measure Shows bond between the mother and son Tape measure representing umbilical cord that connects mother and child Umbilical cord feeds baby - injects life into baby Umbilical cord does get cut - shows change in relationship Can be reeled back in Son will always be able to revert back to his mother Always an attachment Can be used to show the journey of life
2.2 "Any distance greater than a single span requires a second pair of hands"
2.2.1 Despite distance the relationship between mother and son is still strong
2.2.2 "single span" One person can measure More than that cannot be done alone
2.2.3 Half rhyme "span" and "hands" shows uncertainty of how he will cope without his mother
2.2.4 Needs someone else's (mother's) help still sometimes
2.3 "Anchor. Kite."
2.3.1 Juxtaposition Anchor weighs down Mother and son are going in different directions They are moving apart Falling/bringing something down Kite flies up No in between Kites can fall Kite flies in a controlled manor Someone holds onto the kite Shows that there is still that connection between mother and son If the anchor loses the string then the kite flies away completely If mother loses connection with son then she loses him forever
2.3.2 Anchor gives stability Sense of security Anchor brings a boat to a halt Anchor is pointless without boat Mother is pointless without son Mother's job is always needed as she is the sons anchor
2.3.3 "." - separation - end of childhood/start of adulthood
2.3.4 Both start on the ground - on the same level Both moving in different directions - embarking on different journeys
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