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1 Number of people in a particular area.
1.1 Population Distribution.
1.1.1 The arrangement or spread of a particular species in a given geographical area.
1.2 Population Density.
1.2.1 The measurement of a population per unit volume or unit area.
2 Most Common Population Increase Factors.
2.1 Birth Rate.
2.1.1 Number of births per 1000 people per year.
2.2 Death Rate.
2.2.1 Number of deaths per 1000 people per year.
2.3 Migration.
2.3.1 Mouvment of people or animals from one area to another. Forced War. Government. Natural Disasters. By Choice. Better Life.
2.4 Other Factors.
2.4.1 Disease. HIV/AIDS. Botswana 24.1% of population affected.
2.4.2 Government. China's 1 child Policy.
2.4.3 War.
2.4.4 Natural Disasters.
2.4.5 GDP.
2.4.6 Drought.
3 The more resources there are the higher the population growth.
3.1 Too many resources and not enough people.
3.1.1 Underpopulation. MEDC.
3.2 Too many people and not enough resources.
3.2.1 Overpopulation LEDC
4 Population Pyramids.
4.1 Population pyramids show the number of people in a particular area that are a certain age.
4.1.1 LEDC. Large base and a narrow top, due to poor health care and diseases.
4.1.2 MEDC. Usually a narrow base and large middle section and a narrow top section due to good health care and standard of living.

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