Why teach dance in the primary school?

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Why teach dance in the primary school?
1 Helps develop the ability to express and communicate feelings through movement
2 Helps develop awareness of body movements
3 Helps to develop spacial awareness
4 Helps to develop composition skills
5 Develops an appreciation of different dance styles
6 Contributes to art and cultural education
6.1 Good mode for cultural expression
7 Promotes fitness in a different and creative way
7.1 Helps develop creativity
7.2 Children often find dance lessons fun
7.2.1 More children are likely to engage
8 A vehicle to interpret other subjects through rhythm and choreography, for example maths, geography and literacy
9 Develops wider aspirations, i.e. a child wanting to become a dancer
10 Benefits both gross and fine motor skills
10.1 Larger movements with the limbs and upper body help to develop gross motor skills
10.2 More intricate movements, i.e. movements with the hands, wrists, ankles and feet , help to develop fine motor skills
11 Helps to develop self-confidence and awareness
12 Helps develop social skills
12.1 Children have to collaborate
13 Can help to develop focus and memory
13.1 Especially when they are creating their own routines
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