Before you were mine

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Before you were mine
1 Imagery
1.1 "Marilyn"
1.1.1 She sees her mother as iconic
1.1.2 Links to Marilyn Monroe Marilyn changed people's perspective of glamourous Daughter compares her mother to Marilyn Monroe
1.1.3 Her mother was sexy and glamourous
1.1.4 Looking at her mother from a different perspective
1.2 "Fizzy movie tomorrows"
1.2.1 Fizziness illustrates a zest of life Fizzy eventually goes flat Child has dampened the life her mother had She has robbed her mum of a glamorous lifestyle
1.2.2 Thinking her life is going to be like a movie
1.2.3 Idolizes what could happen the next day
1.2.4 Romanticising about what could come
1.3 "teach me the steps ... stamping stars"
1.3.1 Her mum is teaching her how she used to be She admires her mum - idolising her
1.3.2 "wrong pavement" Her mum can never be that person again She's on the wrong path She can never be her mother Times are different now
1.4 "High heeled shoes, relics"
1.4.1 Her mother is holding onto her past life
1.4.2 Reflects the daughter as a child Walking around in her mothers shoes
1.4.3 "Relics" delicate, old, important to the time when her mother was young Ancient history - can't believe it was only a "decade" ago
1.4.4 Comma used to seperate - old and new
2 Layout
2.1 Cyclical structure - woman's life; birth, childhood, adolescense, maturity
2.2 Caesura - break in a line of a poem (in the middle) - represents different stages of the mother's life.
2.2.1 Stage 1: carefree, no responsibilities
2.2.2 Stage 2: mum, responsibilities
3 Themes
3.1 familial love
3.2 child's perspective
3.3 growing up - becoming an adult
4 Writer's ideas and messages
4.1 Growing up, becoming less care free
5 Language
5.1 Lexical field of glamour
5.1.1 compares mother to marilyn monroe
5.2 Paradoxical language
5.2.1 voice of the poems emotions are conflicting
5.3 Colloquial language
5.3.1 "eh?"
5.3.2 "sweetheart"
5.3.3 Shows the bond between mother and daughter Daughter feels at ease talking about/to her mother in this manor
6 Form
6.1 Four equal stanzas
6.1.1 cycle
6.1.2 passing of time - characters are getting older and therefore maturing This is inevitable
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