SAB9#56_Develop Schedule

Norma Angelica Fuentes
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Norma Angelica Fuentes
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SAB9#56_Develop Schedule
  1. Schedule Management Plan
    1. Activity List
      1. Activity Attributes
        1. Project Schedule Network Diagrams
          1. Activity Resource Requirements
            1. Resource Calendars
              1. Activity Duration Estimates
                1. Project Scope Statement
                  1. Risk Register
                    1. Project Staff Assignments
                      1. Resource Breakdown Structure
                        1. Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF)
                          1. Organizational Process Assets (OPAS)
                            1. Schedule Network Analysis
                              1. Critical Path Method
                                1. FLOAT (SLACK)
                                  1. TOTAL FLOAT
                                    1. FREE FLOAT
                                      1. PROJECT FLOAT
                                    2. Critical Chain Method (CCM)
                                      1. Resource Optimization Techniques
                                        1. Resource leveling
                                          1. Resource Smoothing.
                                          2. Modeling Techniques
                                            1. What-If Scenario Analysis.
                                              1. Simulation
                                              2. Leads and Lags
                                                1. Schedule Compression
                                                  1. Crashing
                                                    1. Fast tracking.
                                                    2. Schedule Baseline
                                                      1. Project Schedule
                                                        1. Bar charts.
                                                          1. Milestone charts.
                                                            1. Project schedule network diagrams.
                                                            2. Schedule Data
                                                              1. Project Calendars
                                                                1. Project Management Plan Updates
                                                                  1. Project Documents Updates
                                                                    1. Activity resource requirements.
                                                                      1. Activity attributes.
                                                                        1. Calendars
                                                                          1. Risk register.
                                                                          2. Scheduling Tool
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