Drugs in Sport

Thomas Marshall
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Thomas Marshall
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AS - Level PE Mind Map on Drugs in Sport, created by Thomas Marshall on 02/29/2016.

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Drugs in Sport
  1. Solutions
    1. Legalise all of them
      1. More testing that is out of season and random
        1. Make the punishments harsher
          1. Unified NGB policies
            1. Education programmes for players and performers
              1. Liaison between relevant organisations
                1. Positive and Negative role models
                  1. More money into research and testing programmes
                  2. Causes
                    1. Physical
                      1. Gives you an advantage
                        1. Muscle Hypertrophy
                          1. Ability to train harder
                            1. Muscle hypertrophy
                              1. Weight control
                                1. Recover from injury
                                2. Psycological
                                  1. Control Nerves
                                    1. Increase aggression/ motivation/ confidence/ concentration
                                    2. Social
                                      1. Belief that everybody else is doing them
                                        1. Pressure from coaches/sponsors to win/do well
                                          1. To get into a team or event
                                            1. For better aesthetics
                                              1. The chance to win a lot of money
                                                1. Lack of education or unaware of the dangers
                                                  1. Poor deterrents or a belief that they will get away with it
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