I sexted... Now what?

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What one should do in case of sexting

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I sexted... Now what?
  1. React quickly!
    1. Talk to someone! SEEK HELP!
      1. friend adult teacher
        1. Contact your Safer Internet Centre
        2. Ask the person to DELETE it!
          1. NO
            1. The person keeps it
              1. HOPE for the best...
              2. The person FORWARDS it!
                1. Take control!
                  1. Search for your photos online
                    1. Report them
                      1. Contact webpage hosts / managers
                        1. Set Google Alerts
                        2. Generate positive content
                          1. Create new pages
                            1. Post comments
                              1. Post positive images
                              2. Take legal action
                          2. YES
                            1. PROBLEM SOLVED! Don't do it again!
                          3. Delete any such images from devices and online storage systems
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