Biology - B3 - AQA - GCSE - Food Production

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GCSE Science (Biology B3 GCSE) Mind Map on Biology - B3 - AQA - GCSE - Food Production, created by Josh Anderson on 03/07/2016.

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Biology - B3 - AQA - GCSE - Food Production
1 Sustainable Food Production
1.1 Ways of producing food in ways that can continue for many years
2 Intensive farming
2.1 Cons
2.1.1 Unethical
2.1.2 Destroys communities
2.1.3 Worse quality food
2.1.4 Diseases can spread
2.1.5 Pollution
2.1.6 Can be expensive to control and maintain constant temperatures
2.2 Pros
2.2.1 Less energy lost to movement The most biomass from the least food
2.2.2 Maximises production Packs as many animals into as small a place as possible.
2.2.3 Ready in a matter of weeks
2.2.4 Cheap
3 Free-range Farming
3.1 Cons
3.1.1 Expensive
3.1.2 Takes a long time
3.1.3 Less produce (biomass)
3.1.4 Animal use more energy
3.1.5 Weather can be a problem
3.2 Pros
3.2.1 Supports small businesses/communities
3.2.2 Ethically correct
3.2.3 Less pollution
3.2.4 No need for temperature control
3.2.5 Better quality food
3.2.6 Less risk of disease
4 Mycoprotein
4.1 Fungi
4.1.1 Fusarium
4.2 Used to make meat substitutes
4.3 Grown in fermenters
4.3.1 Glucose syrup used as food
4.3.2 Aerobic respiration - oxygen supplied (with ammonia (for nitrogen) and other minerals)
4.4 Continuous production
4.4.1 No stop-start process
4.4.2 Harder to steralise
4.4.3 If a foreign microorganism enters the fermenter, the whole production line is affected.
4.5 Batch production
4.5.1 Stop-start process
4.5.2 Easy to steralise
4.5.3 If a foreign microorganism enters the fermenter,only the last batch is affected.
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