black history

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black history
1 important black and white people
1.1 Martin Luther KIng
1.1.1 he started the civil rights movment
1.2 The Rock 9
1.2.1 first black children to attend a all white school
1.3 John F. Kennedy
1.3.1 he freed Martin Luther King from jail and he was elected presedent
1.4 Jackie Robinson
1.4.1 first black major leauge baceball player
1.5 Rosa Parks
1.5.1 a woman who stood agienst segragation
1.6 Abraham Lincon
1.6.1 he signed the decloration of indapendece
1.7 Nelson Mandela
1.7.1 presedent of South Africa
2 how the blacks were seperated
2.1 different areas for black and white people
2.2 there were black water fountains and white water fountains
2.3 school's for blacks and school's for whites
2.4 different bus's for black people
3 what black's wanted changed
3.1 equal rights
3.2 the right to vote
3.3 for black people to go to "white school"
4 Important places
4.1 Greensboro
4.2 Ferguson
4.3 ashington
4.4 Mississippi
4.5 Alabama
4.6 Montgomery
5 act's
5.1 civil rights act 1957
5.2 civil rights act of 1964
5.3 the proclamation of independence of 1862
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