Why did we lose the Hundred Years War (HYW)

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Why did we lose the Hundred Years War (HYW)
1 Weak military leadership
1.1 Somerset did not properly organise our defenses like at Rouen our major capital for the area and we, therefore, lost when we shouldn't have.
2 French recovery
2.1 The french had an astounding recovery due to many things but mainly due to the fact they had a larger economy than England and so had more money.
3 English Financial problems
3.1 With no money, we were forced to pursue a line of peace and lost a lot of territories and Henry became very unpopular.
3.2 We were beginning to lose so the Government was reluctant to lend more money if we were going to carry on losing.
3.3 We had also been on many campaigns which are expensive and so slowly but surely cost us a lot of money.
3.4 This all meant we could only send 2500 men over which was not enough to stop the French forces.
4 The weakness of Henry the sixth
4.1 His weakness meant that we lost our ally in Burgundy
4.2 He kept allowing the treaty to be increased in length which allows the French more time to recover
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