Violoncelle Dans L'espace (Cello in Space)

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Created by lhiraide almost 6 years ago
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Violoncelle Dans L'espace (Cello in Space)
1 Provenance
1.1 Arman (Armand Fernandez)
1.2 French/American
1.2.1 Nice/New York City
1.3 Nouveau Réalisme
1.3.1 "New ways of perceiving the real"
1.3.2 "Bringing life and art closer together"
1.3.3 "Opposition to the lyricism of abstract painting"
1.4 1967 - 8
1.5 Part of a series called "Colères"
1.6 Arman practiced Judo
2 Colères
2.1 Anger
2.1.1 Aggressive
2.1.2 Staccato
2.1.3 Linear
2.1.4 Violent
2.1.5 Manic
2.1.6 Chaotic
2.1.7 Frozen Still moments Cold Angry but with emotions are held in check More complex considerations of anger Suspension Slow motion Contrasting with high speeds to illustrate the idea of being frozen in time The calm before the storm Contrasting mixture of dynamics Sharp, choppy & staccato Fluid suspension
2.1.8 Speedy
2.1.9 Explosion Confusion Disordered circular pathways Constant change and contrast in dynamics Moment of suspension into speed Aftermath of the explosion Debris flying everywhere Small random jumps Flinching and dodging Instrumentation Isolations Expansive Impulsive Unexpected
2.1.10 Conflict Internal Confliction Indecision Constant change Space Pathways Dynamics Relationship with self Stimuli of confliction
4 Accompaniment
4.1 Minimalist
4.1.1 Steve Reich 'Cello Counterpoint' 2003 'Advaya' 1994
4.1.2 Phillip Glass 'Façades' 1981
4.1.3 La Monte Young 'B Flat Dorian Blues' 1963
4.2 Could include cello
4.3 Simple
4.4 Broken?
4.4.1 Inconsistent

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