Themes in 'Spies'

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Themes in 'Spies'
1 Innocence
1.1 "Run home to mummy"
1.2 "Let's pretend"
1.3 "It tastes of importance and of being grown up"
1.4 "The game’s not over. It’s simply become a more terrible kind of game."
2 Class
2.1 "Socially colour-coded for ease of reference"
2.2 "Irreproachably right lives"
2.3 "The Haywards were impeccable"
2.4 "Making perfection yet more perfect"
3 Power
3.1 "He was the leader and I was the led. I see now that he was only the first in a whole series of dominant figures whose disciple I became"
3.2 "He was the officer corps in our two-man army"
3.3 "He was the officer corps in our two-man army"
3.4 "One single heroic deed, to lay at Ketih’s feet"
3.5 "He’s scared. Scared of Keith, scared of me. He’s that low in the table of human precedence. At once, after all my cowardice in the Lands, I’m brave"
3.6 "He was the leader and I was the led"
4 Awakening
4.1 "And everything in the world has changed beyond imagination or recall"
4.2 "Now that we've left childish things behind"
4.3 "Everything has changed once again, and changed forever"
4.4 "I have a sense of freedom, as if I’m no longer bound by the rules and restrictions of childhood. I can open locked boxes and break meaningless oaths with impunity. I’m on the verge of understanding mysteries that have been closed to me. I’m emerging from the old dark world of tunnels and terrors, and coming to a broad upland where the air’s bright, and remote blue horizons open all around.”
4.5 “I realise that the very things that seemed so simple and straightforward then are not simple and straightforward at all, but infinitely complex and painful.”
5 Women
5.1 "The softness of her voice, her closeness as she leans towards me, and above all the 'darling' that she uses for her own son, make my face dissolve."
5.2 “She’s pretending to be part of some innocent children’s game. And all the time she’s a stranger in our midst, watching us with alien eyes.”
5.3 “She’s a fine one to talk about spying, when she’s been spying herself.”
5.4 “Auntie Dee and even the untidiness itself glowed with a kind of sacred light, like a saint and his attributes in a religious painting, because they reflected the glory of Uncle Peter.”
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