Electric Counterpoint - Steve Reich

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Electric Counterpoint - Steve Reich
  1. Background: 1987; minimalism
    1. Dynamics: mezzo-forte to begin; no dramatic changes, parts fade in and out.
      1. Rhythm and metre: 3/2; rhythmic displacement; 192 crotchet bpm.
        1. Structure: ambiguous; binary with a coda or ternary.
          1. Melody: made up of ostinati. Ostinati 1: hexatonic; disjunct; syncopation. Live guitar: note addition; resultant melody. Ostinati 2: octave leaps.
            1. Instruments: 1 live guitar; 7 pre-recorded guitars; 2 pre-recorded bass. Guitars 5,6 and 7 are strummed, all other guitar parts are picked.
              1. Tonality: ambiguous; beginning is G major; bass guitars hint E minor.
                1. Texture: monophonic opening; layered texture leads to 4-part canon; polyphonic (counterpoint) for most of piece; 4-part canon for final sections.
                  1. Harmony: consonant harmony. Guitar 5 chords: C Bm E. Guitar 6 chords: C D Em. Guitar 7 chords: C D Bm.
                    1. Musical features: note addition; note subtraction; layering; rhythmic displacement.
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