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PMP TALLER PMP Mind Map on SAB9#113&117_REPORTS TYPES I & II, created by Pedro Torres Vega on 03/12/2016.

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1 Formal Written
1.1 Complex problems, Project Mgmnt. Plan, Project Charter, Communicating over long distances. Formal Documentation.
2 Formal Verbal
2.1 Presentations, Speeches to update people on your project.
3 Informal Written
3.1 E-mail, handwritten notes, text messages, instant messaging.
4 Informal Verbal
4.1 Meetings, Conversations, Planning Sessions.
5 To have clear, concise communications you need to handle communications in a structured way and choose the best type for the situation.
6 Effective Communication
6.1 Nonverbal: Means your gestures, facial expressions, and physical appearance while you are communicating your message. This is also known as body language.
6.2 Paralingual: Is the tone and pitch of your voice when you are talking to people.
6.3 Feedback: Is when you respond to communication.
7 Status Report
7.1 Describes where the project currently stands regarding the performance measurement baseline.
8 Progress Report
8.1 Describes what has been accomplished.
9 Trend Report
9.1 Examines project results over time to see if performance is improving or deteriorating.
10 Forecasting Report
10.1 Predicts future project status and performance.
11 Variance Report
11.1 Compares actual results to baseline.
12 Earned Value Report
12.1 Integrates Scope, Cost and Schedule Measures to asses project performance.
13 Lessons Learned
13.1 Reports on Performance are used as lessons learned for future projects.
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