Family Instruments (English)

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Un trabajo sobre ejemplos de las familias de instrumentos (ingles)

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Family Instruments (English)
1 Brass
1.1 Trumpet
1.2 Tuba
1.3 Trombone
1.4 French horn
1.5 Cornet
1.6 Bugle
1.7 Baritone
1.8 Euphonium
1.9 Flugelhorn
1.10 Alto horn
1.11 Mellophone
1.12 Soprano Cornet
1.13 Bb Cornet
1.14 Tenor Horn
1.15 Bass Trombones
2 Percussion
2.1 Drums
2.2 Cymbals
2.3 Triangle
2.4 Tam-tam
2.5 Glockenspiel
2.6 Timpani
2.7 Bells
2.8 Xylophone
2.9 Piano
2.10 Acme siren
2.11 Agung
2.12 lfaia
2.13 Angklung
2.14 Ashiko
3 Strings
3.1 Violin
3.2 Viola
3.3 Cello
3.4 Harp
3.5 Dulcimer
3.6 Bass
3.7 Banjo
3.8 Guitar
3.9 Banhu
3.10 Baryton
3.11 Crwth
3.12 Esraj
3.13 Gusle
3.14 Lirone
3.15 Kemenche
3.16 Sarangi
4 Woodwinds
4.1 Flute
4.2 Pîccolo
4.3 Clarinet
4.4 Recorder
4.5 Bassoon
4.6 Oboe
4.7 Saxophone
4.8 English Horn
4.9 Bagpipes
4.10 Organ Pipe
4.11 Xaphoon
4.12 Ocarina
4.13 Hornpipe
4.14 Bass Clarinet
4.15 Pan Flute
4.16 Melodica
5 Brass instruments are made of brass or some other metal and make sound when air is blown inside. The musician's lips must buzz, as though making a "raspberry" noise against the mouthpiece. Air then vibrates inside the instrument, which produces a sound.
6 Woodwind instruments produce sound when air (wind) is blown inside. Air might be blown across an edge, as with a flute; between a reed and a surface, as with a clarinet; or between two reeds, as with a bassoon. The sound happens when the air vibrates inside.
7 Most percussion instruments make sounds when they are hit, such as a drum or a tambourine. Others are shaken, such as maracas, and still others may be rubbed, scratched, or whatever else will make the instrument vibrate and thus produce a sound.
8 The sounds of string instruments come from their strings. The strings may be plucked, as in a guitar or harp; bowed, as with a cello or a violin; or struck, as with a dulcimer. This creates a vibration that causes a unique sound.
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