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  1. On december i went to
      1. In san andres i did many activities, for example:
        1. I sawm
          1. I sawn in the beach, the beach is really beauty
          2. i went to the party's
            1. The party's in san andres is in a disco, I danced, I drank, I listen different music, its very funny.
            2. I visited animals
              1. I visited places
                1. For example jhonny cay island, the ''hoyo soplador'', ''acuario''
                2. I ate
                  1. I ate potato ships, , fish with salad and I drank coconut that is a delicious just.
                  2. MY RUTINE
                    1. I get up at 5:30 am
                      1. In this time, i eat my breack fast, I take the shower, brush my teeth and my hairr, i get dressed
                      2. I go to the mio at 6:14
                        1. I came to the Normal at 7 am
                          1. I am hear at the school at 7 to 1:00 pm
                          2. I come my home at 1:30pm
                            1. In this time I eat my lunch and sleep
                            2. In the afternoon
                              1. I study, i watch tv, i take a shower
                              2. In the nigth
                                1. I make the dinner, i go to bed
                                2. My Holyweek
                                  1. I will go to calima lake with my friends
                                    1. i will go to ''las tres cruces'' with my family
                                      1. i will do homeworks
                                        1. i will visit my family in buga
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