Stolypin, Dumas, + Fundamental Laws

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Stolypin, Dumas, + Fundamental Laws
1 Stolypin (Chief Minister) brought in higher land reforms for higher production
1.1 Aimed to encourage Kulaks to become more efficient – buying up the land of poorer less efficient peasants
1.1.1 Reforms produced a growing class of alienated poor peasants
1.2 Execute 3,6000 in 1906
1.3 use of the Black Hundreds and marshalls
1.4 freed peasants from MIR
1.5 cancelled redemption payments
1.5.1 to create a new class loyal to the Tsar Became the Kulaks
2 Fundamental Laws
2.1 Constitution of Russia
2.2 right for the Tsar to govern by decree
2.3 allowed to dismiss parliament
2.4 protected and addressed religious freedom, civil rights etc
2.5 Limits October manifesto
3 Dumas
3.1 1st Duma: April 1906
3.1.1 Major reform, land etc
3.1.2 Tsar dissolves after 72 days
3.1.3 2 demands passed out of 391
3.1.4 dominated by Kadets, liberals and SRs
3.2 2nd Duma: February 1907
3.2.1 contained many reformers
3.2.2 Displeased Tsar and Stolypin Dissolved after 3 months
3.2.3 dominated by SRs
3.3 3rd Duma: November 1907
3.3.1 Restricted franchise, only the wealthy could vote richest 30% Changed election system
3.3.2 excluded reformers support
3.3.3 dominated by Liberals
3.3.4 challenged budget of Tsar
3.4 4th Duma: 1912-1914
3.4.1 Conservative
3.4.2 Government more inclined to listen
3.4.3 not so radical
3.4.4 Liberals + conservative
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