Order Vs. Savagery

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GCSE English literature Mind Map on Order Vs. Savagery, created by 12atheri on 03/18/2016.

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Order Vs. Savagery
  1. Order
    1. The glasses
      1. Represents
        1. Reason
          1. Seeing clearly
        2. The conch
          1. Represents
            1. Calls the boys to order at the start
              1. Looses its power as the novel progresses and is ignored before being completely destroyed.
            2. Assembly
              1. Fire
                1. Represents
                  1. For rescue
                    1. Cooking for survival
                  2. Piggy
                    1. Represents
                      1. Common sense and order
                  3. Savagery
                    1. The choir
                      1. Represents
                        1. Gradual decline into savagery - soon become hunters but are known as the tribe by the end, a savage term.
                      2. War paint and dressing like savages.
                        1. Death
                          1. Represents
                            1. Descent into savagery
                              1. The gradual decline from the accidental death of a Littleun early in the novel to the hunting of a pig and the difficulty of killing it, to the frenzied accident of Simon's death and then the final savage murder of Piggy.
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