Animal Farm Context

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Animal Farm Context
1 The Author
1.1 George Orwell was known as a journalist and social commentator, rather than novelist
1.2 fought for the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War but couldn't sign up for WW2 due to ill-health
1.3 died of tuberculosis in 1950
2 Personal Experiences
2.1 Orwell's experiences in the Spanish Civil War are relevant to the explicity political Animal Farm. He became dillusioned with politics after seeing the in-fighting of people who were meant to be on the same side
2.2 Orwell stated that the book was an attack on dictatorships in general and the way in which they seized and held onto power
3 Setting and Place
3.1 the book is set on a farm, an unlikely setting for a revolution. The farm animals are anthropomorphic, although they still behave in ways characteristic to their species
4 Karl Marx and Communism
4.1 Marx believed that in a capitalist society workers were exploited by the people they worked for
4.1.1 he stated that society should be free and equal
4.2 Capitalists would pay their workers less money in order to make more profit
4.2.1 because of this the workers would rebel against the capitalists and overthrow them. They would then establish a more equal society
5 An allegory of Russian History
5.1 In 1917 the February rebellion overthrew the Tsar, but within months the Provisional Government was itself overthrown by the Communist Party, led by Lenin
5.1.1 Lenin died in 1924. A struggle for power between Trotsky and Stalin followed
5.2 The Soviet Union under Stalin
5.2.1 By 1928, Stalin had become a dictator. His rule seemed to have little in common with the ideas of Lenin or Marx
5.2.2 propoganda was a frequently used tool that further emphasised the control Stalin had over Soviet life. past enemies were presented to the people as allies "show trials" were stage in which people confessed to crimes they had not committed people who opposed him were exiled or executed
5.2.3 Stalin exiled Trotsky in 1929 in Trotsky's absence, Stalin blamed him for the county's problems and claimed Trotsky was working with the country's enemy to overthrow the government
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