Civil Rights 1963-72

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Civil Rights 1963-72
1 Malcolm X
1.1 Unlike MLK, had radical views that Blacks and Whites couldn't live in harmony
1.2 1952- joined Nation of Islam
1.3 1964- split from NOI and went to Mecca
1.3.1 Returned and set up Organistaion of Afro-American Unity
1.4 Was shot in 1965 by a member of NOI
2 Black Panthers and power
2.1 Carmichael was replaced as head of SNCC by radical Brown in 1967
2.2 CORE also elected more radical leaders- driven by the apartheid protests in Africa
2.3 Panthers often involved in confrontation with police- 1969, 28 members shot
2.4 Their violent methods alienated many Black Americans- only had 5000 members at their peak
2.5 Helped move civil rights protests North into cities like NYC and California
3 Martin Luther King
3.1 Was present when Johnson signed in Civil Rights Bill in 1964
3.2 1965- Selma to Montgomery march, black people attacked by police- on TV = many people shocked -> Johnson passed Voting Rights Act.
3.3 Chicago Campaign to end housing discrimination 1966, failure- too much white resistance
3.4 Shot in 1968- seen as unofficial leader of Civil Rights Movement
4 Cesar Chavez and the Chicano Movement
4.1 United Farmworkers' Union fought for better pay+ conditions for Hispanics
4.2 1965 California Grape Strike lasted 5 years
4.2.1 Registered 100,000 Hispanic voters
4.3 By 1970's Chicano Movement had begun to splinter into moderate and radical factions
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