Scientific progress always comes with a price society has to pay. How far do you agree?

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JC1 and 2 General Paper Mind Map on Scientific progress always comes with a price society has to pay. How far do you agree?, created by Ms Koh on 03/26/2016.

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Scientific progress always comes with a price society has to pay. How far do you agree?
1 Question analysis
1.1 Scientific progress
1.1.1 Health care sciences Fertility treatment Gene Therapy
1.1.2 Power production Green technology minimal or no carbon emission *nuclear energy
1.1.3 Food technology Cloning GM crops
1.1.4 Weapon technology
1.1.5 Nanotechnology
1.2 society
1.2.1 ING: Individual, nations, globally
1.2.2 developing/developed countries
1.2.3 environment : consumers
1.2.4 medical professionals/ patients or future patients
1.2.5 Farmers
1.2.6 government /citizens
1.2.7 families
1.2.8 military/peacekeepers
1.2.9 pharmaceuticals
1.3 price to pay
1.3.1 negative impact long-term short term
1.3.2 detrimental consequences
1.3.3 repercussions/drawbacks/sacrifice
1.3.4 money
1.3.5 sacrifice ethical principles/morals
1.3.6 time
1.3.7 harm or loss of lives
1.3.8 irreversible damage to environment/health
1.3.9 cost to humanity
1.3.10 reduction of quality of life
1.3.11 privacy
1.3.12 security
1.3.13 human dignity
1.3.14 crossing species line: not respecting animals
1.4 absolute word: always
2 issue?
2.1 Yes:
2.1.1 always comes with a price
2.2 No: does not always comes with a price
2.2.1 sometimes, at times, conditions
3 underlying assumption
3.1 scientific progress comes with a price
4 type of question
4.1 absolute question
4.2 cause-effect
5 Exceptions
5.1 Case study: GlaxoSmithKline to 'drop patents in poor countries for better drug access'
5.1.1 Example: When the major pharmaceutical company drops expensive drug patents in at least 50 countries, the manufacturers in the poorer countries can learn and reproduce drugs from richer countries for free, therefore making drug and medical treatment access easier for patients, and more effective healthcare in the long term. Why does this move have significant impact? Medical experts cautioned that the impact of this move on the treatment of cancer and other diseases in each individual country will depend on whether there is a local adequate healthcare infrastructure that will allow the safe use of powerful new drugs in an appropriate group of patients. impact Granted that this is a very encouraging move by the profit-making company, they still have a long way to go especially when coming up with cures for poorer nations. E.g. (GlaxoSmithKline did not develop a vaccine for Ebola virus until recently, even though the virus was affecting Africa since 1970s) EV: CA+ R/ significance While this is indeed an positive move by the drug companies, hopefully their efforts are not in vain due to the lack of government medical care especially in African nations. Sierra Leone:
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