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IGCSE Edexcel Geography (Mothballed Work - Year 9) Mind Map on Globalisation, created by Daniel Brener on 04/18/2013.

Daniel Brener
Created by Daniel Brener over 6 years ago
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1 What is globalisation?
1.1 Globalisation is the process by which businesses and people become interconnected across a worldwide 'global' platform.
2 Communications and Transport
2.1 communications are getting faster
2.2 people are more interconnected
2.3 Internet
2.3.1 Skype calls
2.3.2 allows communication across the globe by the general public
2.4 worldwide business networks
3 Business and Trade
3.1 national brands can turn internation
3.2 large companys are spreading around the world having a larger influence globally
3.3 there are more international organisations today than there were a year ago
4 Political
4.1 immigration rise in the UK
4.2 over 200 nations have joined the UN
4.3 a political event in europe could effect someone living in the UK
5 Social and Cultural
5.1 Islam is now a growing influence in the UK
5.2 The English language is spreading across the world
5.3 air travel is now very efficient and fast
6 Impacts the climate
6.1 Climate Change
6.1.1 Polar Bears are starving
6.2 increased air travel and the need for more fossil fuels to feed the worlds electrical appliance increase the CO2 emissions = greenhouse effect
7 Transnational Corporations (TNCs)
7.1 all their for is profit
7.2 Labour in LEDCs
7.2.1 so that they can export and import cheeply
7.2.2 cheaper labour force wages
7.2.3 little or no Health and Safety legal requirements
7.3 they sell their products in MEDCs to get the most
8 Pros and Cons
8.1 Is it right for MEDCs?
8.2 Is it right for LEDCs?
8.3 Note: See test paper (last essay question)

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