Who went West?

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Who went West?
1 Pioneer Farmers
1.1 Oregon and California
1.1.1 Fertile lands attracted farmers Make more money More room
1.2 Early 1840s
1.3 Troubles
1.3.1 Weather Plains weather = extreme Unpredictable snow left them stranded Rain resulted in stuck wagons
1.3.2 Lack of resources No water Had to drink melted snow to survive No medication Animals spreading disease e.g. bitten by a mosquito and getting malaria Many died from illness
1.3.3 Long journey Rations could run out Very difficult Could stop people going
1.4 Overcrowding in the East
2 Homesteaders
2.1 Push
2.1.1 Land shortages/ poverty/ unemployment in many European countries. Thousands migrated to US wanting new life
2.1.2 Jews escaping religious persecution
2.1.3 Newly freed slaves escaping persecution
2.1.4 Expensive/ scarce land in East
2.2 Pull
2.2.1 Demobilised soldiers wanting a new life
2.2.2 1862 Homestead Act 160 acres land - 5 years
2.2.3 Lots of land
2.2.4 Railroads 1869
3 Cattlemen
4 Mormons
4.1 Practised polygamy
4.1.1 Angered Christians - against their views
4.2 'God's chosen people' and everyone else going to hell
4.2.1 Called others 'gentiles'
4.3 Opposed slavery
4.3.1 Lived in slave owning states so angered people
4.4 Friendly with indians
4.4.1 Were like enemies with others
4.5 Founded by Joseph Smith in 1830
4.6 Their Journey
4.6.1 Nauvoo Kirtland Missouri They opposed slave owning Missouri was a slave owning state! Bank set up by Smith collapsed Believed Mormons couldn't be trusted People feared polygamy would lead to Mormon population explosion Sinful
4.7 Moving to the Great Salt Lake
4.7.1 After Joseph Smith killed, Brigham Young took leadership
4.7.2 Push Discrimination Attacks Different ideas on life/ religion
4.7.3 Pull Uninhabitated Owned by Mexico - not US Government Live how they wanted Government couldn't interfere with movement Place to feel safe
4.7.4 Cost subsidised More Mormons moved
4.7.5 How? Very structured Kept together Spreading the long journey
5 Mountain Men
5.1 Why they went
5.1.1 Opportunities in the West e.g. selling resources
5.1.2 Adventure Encouraged others who wanted to have an adventure too
5.2 Dangers and problems
5.2.1 Animal attacks Grizzly Bears Snakes
5.2.2 Indian threats If upset them e.g. destroyed land Many got along well or married Indians
5.2.3 Very lonely 6-12 months alone No companion to help e.g. if danger/ boost morale
5.3 What they did
5.3.1 Hunt beaver, bear and elk in Rockies
5.3.2 1820s and 1830s
5.3.3 NOT settlers
5.3.4 Jed Smith Found South pass through Rockies Encouraged more people to go West as it was easier More people knew how to get there
6 Gold Miners
6.1 Gold discovered in California in 1849
6.2 Why people went
6.2.1 Try make a fortune
6.2.2 Nothing to lose - had been poor/ unemployed/ wanted a better life
6.2.3 Exaggerated advertising 'El Dorado' 'Inexhaustable' Believed gold would be easily accessed but was unture
6.2.4 Adventure Escape poverty Lack of opportunity in East
6.3 Law and Order in Mining Camps
6.3.1 Remote areas Hard for officials to get there
6.3.2 Grew quickly No officials/ sheriffs
6.3.3 Claim Jumping Disputes/ fights over claims
6.3.4 Saloons gambling/ drinking/ prostitution Disputes over women/ money/ cheating Mainly young, single men
6.3.5 Poor conditions Population changed frequently
6.3.6 Vigilantes Took law into own hands No trial - quick Harsh punishments Hanging Wrong person often punished
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