R.E Is It Fair(Unit2)

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Explain religious teaching on free will.
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R.E Is It Fair(Unit2)
1 Justice?
1.1 fairness, Where people treat each other without prejudice and discrimination
1.2 Honest actions, And where everyone has equal opportunities and human rights are observed
1.3 Example of justice
1.3.1 Charities helping those in need and people who seek to end prejudice such as LMK
2 Injustice ?
2.1 There is unfair action or treatment and discrimination. Where there are no equality of opportunity
2.2 Human rights are ignored and there is a lack of freedom
2.3 Example of Injustice
2.3.1 Poverty in the developing world, The Holocaust, The treatment of women in the church in the Past
2.4 All religions encourage Believers to speak out against Injustice and they'll told what to do by their teachings and Holy books
3 Justice&Christinanity
3.1 Jesus said ' Love your Neighbour as yourself '
3.2 The Christian Charity 'Christian Aid' aims to improve the lives of people in poor countries by helping them to help themselves and it
3.2.1 It also Campaigns for Fair trade and educates people about the causes of Poverty
4 ISLAM&Justice


  • The Qur'an teaches that Allah created all humans, So we are ALL important and must be cared for.
4.1 The Qur'an Says ' Believers, stand up firmly for injustice, as witness for Allah'
4.1.1 Muslim Charities Like The Red Crescent aims to bring relief to areas where there is war, famine etc and where ever Emergency aid is needed
5 Justice&Media
5.1 Money - Not much money can be made from telling us about injustice and better for businesses if we spend money on their products than charity
5.2 Viewing Figures - People may get bored and fed up with stories about injustice and change channel to something they find more interesting

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