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  1. Procurement Management Plan
    1. The planned delivery dates for the work or products you are contracting
      1. The company’s standard documents you will use
        1. The contract types you plan to use, and any metrics that will be used to measure the contractor’s performance
          1. Any constraints or assumptions you need to know about all of the contracts you plan to create for your project
          2. Activity cost estimates
            1. Your cost estimates and your schedule play a big part in how you plan out your procurement.
            2. Schedule
              1. Your cost estimates and your schedule play a big part in how you plan out your procurement.
              2. Procurement Documents
                1. These include documents such as the Request for Proposal used to solicit proposals from prospective sellers.
                2. Make-or-Buy Decisions
                  1. Evaluation of the need for the organization to buy products versus make the items themselves.
                  2. Procurement Statement of Work
                    1. Describes the scope of the product to be delivered by the supplier, and contains clearly stated set of goals, requirements, outcomes for the supplier to meet.
                    2. OPAs
                      1. Listing of pre-qualified sellers Past experience with sellers Prior procurement agreements
                      2. Make or buy analysis
                        1. As you plan out what you will and won’t contract, How much does it cost to build it versus buy it? How will this decision affect the scope of your project? How about your project schedule? Do you have time to do the work and still meet your commitments?
                        2. Expert Judgment
                          1. Used to evaluate seller proposals. May be a multi-discipline review team with expertise in each of the areas covered by the procurement documents and proposed procurement contract.
                          2. Market research
                            1. You will want to check out reviews of possible vendors to work with. Sometimes procurement teams will go to conferences or read published reports that evaluate vendors doing similar contracts to help make decisions.
                            2. Selected Sellers
                              1. Those sellers who have 1. been judged to be in a competitive range based on the evaluation of their bid or proposal, and 2.have negotiated a draft contract.
                              2. Agreements
                                1. Includes terms and conditions that specify what the seller is to perform or provide to the buyer.
                                2. Resource Calendars
                                  1. Quantity, availability, and timing of when resources are either active or idle.
                                  2. Change Requests
                                    1. Any proposed changes to the procurement are treated like any other change to the project, through the Integrated Change Control Process.
                                    2. Project Management Plan Updates
                                      1. 1- Cost baseline (budget) 2- Scope baseline (= product scope statement, WBS, WBS dictionary) 3- Schedule baseline 4. Communications Management Plan 5. Procurement Management Plan
                                      2. Project Documents Updates
                                        1. Requirements Documentation Requirements Traceability Matrix Risk Register Stakeholder Register
                                        2. Organizational process assets
                                          1. Past contracts can be a useful resource in setting up a new procurement.
                                          2. Meetings
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