Standard No:20 (NMC)Remote Prescribing

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Standard No:20 (NMC)Remote Prescribing
1 8*NICE Guidelines
1.1 BNF (2015-16)
1.1.1 10*Heart Failure Treatment Guidelines NMC Guidelines for prescribing National Prescribing Center Competencies Local medicines policy 2*Health and Care Professions Council Standards (2013)
2 Patient familiar with changing their medication regime
2.1 Often titrating their medications
2.1.1 Convenient for patient Quick symptom relief Improves quality of life Reduces Workload for GP/HFN Self-care and monitoring encouraged Two way telephone follow up Confidence built between patient GP and service HFN aware of patients condition status and medical history HFN team member has had previous face to face with patient Telephone prescribing in rural areas (NMC)
2.2 Immediate liaison with GP by phone or fax
2.2.1 3*Immediate access to Heart Failure records and medical records (NMC)
3 4* Inter professional communication with other healthcare colleagues
4 Access to EPRO for letters
5 1*Lack of visual cues (Practice Management Network (2016)
5.1 High risk of incorrect prescribing in the elderly
5.1.1 Sensory or cognitive impairment particularly in the elderly (Patient info) May lead to inappropriate prescribing 5*May become apparent to do face-to-face consultation Is symptom psychological or physical? 2*Patient not previously known (Patient info)
6 4* follow standard Heart Failure consultation form (Patient)
7 5* Important primary care tool for well-controlled chronic conditions
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