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1 The Nervous System
1.1 Central Nervous System
1.1.1 Brain and spinal chord Coordinates a response to a stimulus Stimulus e.g. bright light Receptor e.g. retina Sensory neuron CNS Motor neuron Effector e.g. muscle or gland Response e.g. pupil contracts Reflex Arc
1.2 Peripheral Nervous System
1.2.1 Sensory neurons and motor neurons Sensory neurons: carry impulses from the receptors to the CNS (relay neuron) Motor neurons: carry impulses from the CNS to effectors Effectors = muscles or glands that respond to nervous impulses
1.2.2 Connects CNS to the body
2 Neurons and Synapses
2.1 Neurons transmit signals around the body through electrical impulses
2.1.1 Axon: long fibre of extended cytoplasm surrounded by cell membrane It's long so impulses are able to travel quickly (cross less synapses)
2.1.2 Fatty sheath: surrounds axon; protecting neuron and speeding up electrical impulses
2.1.3 Branching dendrites attach to effectors or other neruons
2.2 Synapses are the space between neurons
2.2.1 When an impulse reaches the end of a neuron, it triggers the vesicles to bind to the neuron's cell membrane The neurotransmitter chemicals in the vesicles are released into the synapse The chemicals diffuse across the synapse and bind to receptors on the membrane of the next neuron When they bind, they trigger the electrical impulse to continue in the next neuron Only specific transmitter chemicals can bind to receptors (like lock and key) e.g. serotonin
2.3 Drugs
2.3.1 Ecstacy
2.3.2 Anti-depressants
2.3.3 Block sites where serotonin is removed Therefore increased concentration in the synapse Bind to receptors more often/ quicker Trigger more impulses in the next neuron Serotonin and impulses makes person feel happier :)
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