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1 Reading
1.1 Necessary ability
1.1.1 Understanding and Infering Academic Texts Academic Vocabulary
1.1.2 Relating pronoms with the subject
1.1.3 Indentifying conections and transitions
1.1.4 Identifying major points of a statement
1.1.5 Skiming and Scanning
1.2 Strategy
1.2.1 Skip the text Read the question and identify the major points in it Skiming the text for the major points Scan the related topc in the text Go to the answers and find the most fiting according to your scaning Eliminate the other choices and make a decision 2,5 Minutes MAX for each Question
2 Listening
2.1 Necessary abilty
2.1.1 Understand Spoken English
2.1.2 Indetifying major points of an academic lecture or conversation
2.1.3 Infering points from the lecture or conversation
2.1.4 Understanding Deatails
2.1.5 Understanding Fucntion or Attitude
2.1.6 Understanding the organization or content
2.1.7 Strategy TAKE NOTES !!!!! Take your time while answering Check your notes Eliminate all incorrect options before choosing Dont worry if you miss something, keep taking notes Watch out for transitions Usually is prior to important information
3 Speaking
3.1 Necessary Ability
3.1.1 Comprehensive Spoken English
3.1.2 Direct speech
3.1.3 Ability to summurize major points and examples in small amount of time
3.1.4 Relating the personal theme to yourself when it is needed
3.1.5 NOTE TAKING NECESSARY Structure your speech and your ideas on the notes and check them up while speaking
3.2 Strategy
3.2.1 QUESTION 1 Personal question about a preference, city or opinion Draw in a roadmap in yur note the minute you hear the question


  • G - Tic - Tic - C G - For general Statement TIC - Transition / body / Conclusion TIC 2 - Transition / Body / Conclusion C - Conclusion Final Satatement 7 - 5 Seconds finals 20 - 23 Seconds Body 2 20 - 23 Seconds Body 1 Max 10 Seconds Important !!!! Relate the question with personal experience, give personal examples;
3.2.2 Question 2 Draw in a roadmap in yur note the minute you hear the question CHOOSE ONE ! REPEAT THE QUESTION ONE ROAD MAP <-------------- Personal question about a preference, choce or opinion Impotrant Do not chose both or chose a negative and positve aspect. Choose one and support it
3.2.3 QUESTION 3 READING OF A CHANGE ON CAMPUS THEN LISTEN TO A CONVERSATION ABOUT THIS CHANGE Read the passage and Take notes in what change is happening and !why! While listening to the conversation make a road map for each speaker and take notes on the major points and examples


  • MAN  VS WOMAN P - Points ex - examples - or +  &gt; support our disagrees with the change Watch out for who has the most strong opinion about the change It's almost 100% garantee that the question is about this person Summarize the person opinion and if he is againts or suports the change G2TIC as well During the prep time circulate the information you want to use in your response Follow your notes and answer the question
3.2.5 QUESTION 4 Read a small text about a specifi topic and then a lecture about the same topic Most of the time the reading gives a general topic and the Lecture exemplifies or supports GENERAL TO SPECIFIC Read the general statement and take notes. Summarize only the important information Usually in the begginig and end of the text When the Lecture starts take notes of the major points and look out for examples Summarize the reading and then focus on the lecture You should repeat the general statement of the then use the examples and specifics of the lecture G2TIC AS WELL Circulate the information you're goint to use during your prep time Follow your notes and answer the question
3.2.6 QUESTION 5 An conversation betwenn two people and someone have a problem The other will give 2 options to that problem Choose one and support it Take tones on the problem and the solutions given Circulate the solutions during your prep time and choose one that you can defend EASILY State the problem and the solutions given imidiatly and then start explaining why you choose the specific one State your position and support your choice with the example in the conversation G1TIC
3.2.7 QUESTION 6 Listen to a lecture and summurize it Watch out for examples !!! Take notes on the main topic and in the examples Usually 2 examples and 2 subtopics of the general statement Summarize using G2TIC Make sur your body has the proper examples Circulate the information you are going to use in your prep time and cross out what is useless
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