Why is Ghana an LEDC?

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Why is Ghana an LEDC?
  1. Historic Reasons
    1. Each kingdom had their own language and culture, so developing the country as an entity was difficult.
      1. The Transatlantic Slave Trade meant that they sold 5000 slaves to Europe annually.
        1. This tore families apart and continued for 150 years.
        2. Couldn't compete with European goods after 1901.
          1. The British began exporting gold, Ghana's biggest export
            1. Taxes were too high to trade in Europe
          2. Political Reasons
            1. Political Timeline:
              1. 1957: Ghana is one of the first African countries to gain independence from colonies, the economic situation is positive.
                1. 1958: Ghana is becoming a one-party state and won't accept Valco agreements, something that has hindered it's economy and electricity supply, today.
                  1. 1964: Now controlled by a dictator and turns to communist countries for assistance.
                    1. 1966: Dictator is over ruled and new elections are held
                      1. 1972: Leader Acheampong lacks experience and causes corruption growth
                        1. 1979: New party try to restore order. Previous leaders are executed
                          1. 1984: Rawlings proves popular and rectifies the economy through strong connections and IMF funding
                            1. 1985: Western donor countries begins questioning Human Rights in Ghana
                              1. 1998: Electricity needs to be sourced from Cote d'Ivorie as
                                1. 2001: Ghana accepts World Bank debt relief
            2. Big Debts
              1. Ghana owes $2.6 million in loans repayments
                1. The money they began borrowing now has interest, leaving less for development projects
                2. Environmental Reasons
                  1. Northen land is turning to desert due to overcultivation then worsened by droughts
                    1. 56% of Ghana's workforce are farmers
                      1. 3/4 of rainforest has been destroyed for firewood, timber and land
                        1. Soil degrades when it is exposed and people can't afford fertilisers
                          1. Less crops to sell
                    2. Trading Troubles
                      1. Many Ghanian farmers grow rice but this is now cheaper to source from Asia, putting them out of business
                        1. Ghana relies heavily on Cocoa for income but the world prices for this fluctuates a lot.
                          1. No trading tariffs in place to help Ghanian farmers locally, so they all suffer
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