Families and Households

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Sociology Mind Map on Families and Households, created by Kirby Ashenden on 04/19/2013.

Kirby Ashenden
Created by Kirby Ashenden over 6 years ago
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Families and Households
1 Conflict/Criticisms
1.1 Marxists believe that the family provides important functions for capitalism.
1.1.1 Engels Need for family arose when private property started to have value Organised inheritance system was needed Fathers needed to pass down property Ownership of property subjected women to unequal power relations in the home
1.1.2 Zaretsky Family serves capitalism offering emotional security from the oppressive world of work Only provides emotional warmth to encourage members to continue living another day under harsh realities of capitalism
1.1.3 Althusser and Poulantzas Family seen as serving functions of an ideological state apparatus Socialising both pro-capitalist ideology and its own familiar ideology in order to maintain such family patterns over time Socialising members to accept gender roles and into accepting the separate roles and jobs in the home
1.2 Feminists believe that the family reinforces gender inequality and patriarchy
1.2.1 Marxist feminists Family meets the needs of campitalism, maintenence of class and patriarchal inequality Margaret Benston (1972) nuclear family provides basic commodity required by capitalism Labour power by reproducing Rearing the future workforce at little cost to the capitalist class Women are a reserved army of labour and used in time of economic growth and pushed back into the home in times of economic slow-down
1.2.2 Radical feminists Kate Millet (1970) Modern societies and families characterised by patriarchy Family is the root to all of womens oppression and should be abolished Can only be done by seperatism
2 Consensus/Positives
2.1 Functionalists see the importance of the nuclear family, universality, changing functions and how the nuclear family fits modern society
2.1.1 GP Murdock Family is universal and performs 4 major functions Socialisation of the young Economic support Reproduction of the next generation Stable satisfaction of the sex drive
2.1.2 Talcott Parsons 2 basic and irreducible functions Stabilisation of adult personalities Primary socialisation
2.2 New Right theorists belueve hat the family is the cornerstone of society but is under threat

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