Burning Fuels

Abby Whitmore
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GCSE Chemistry Mind Map on Burning Fuels, created by Abby Whitmore on 01/27/2014.

Abby Whitmore
Created by Abby Whitmore over 5 years ago
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Burning Fuels
1 Combustion=Burning
2 Fuels
2.1 Coal
2.2 Gas
2.3 Oil
2.4 Wood
2.5 Straw
2.6 Wax
2.7 These fuels are all Hydrocarbons
3 We burn these fuels in Oxygen from the air to release heat energy
4 In an unlimited supply of oxygen the hydrocarbon will be totally oxidised
5 When burnt, they release carbon dioxide and water.
6 In a limited supply of oxygen, carbon (soot) and carbon monoxide (toxic gas) can be produced

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