Lord Of The Flies - Chapter One The Sound Of The Shell

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Lord Of The Flies - Chapter One The Sound Of The Shell
1 Warnings of Island's Danger
1.1 "Witch'like cry"
1.2 "Water warmer than his blood"
1.3 "Skull-like coco-nuts"
1.4 "Snake clasp"
2 Themes
2.1 Leadership
2.1.1 Boys have an election to vote for a chief. Ralph wins because: He called the meeting He held the conch during the meeting He was older and taller than the rest of the boys He looked like a leader.
3 Symbols
3.1 New Symbols
3.1.1 The Conch Shell Conch Founded by Piggy & Ralph while swimming Symbolizes: -Authority -Order -Structure -Civilisation "Deep cream with fading fink,"
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