International Cuisine

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International Cuisine
1 Special Dietary needs
1.1 Religious
1.1.1 Sikh Don't eat beef Vegatarian
1.2 Medical
1.3 Culture
1.4 Intolerances
2 Task: The local hotel in your area is holding an international week. As the trainee chef you have been invited to take part and have been asked to prepare two - course meal from a country of your choice.
3 Countries
3.1 India
3.1.1 Regional Punjab Goa Mumbai
4 What influences the cuisine in particular countries
4.1 Parents
4.1.1 Home recipes
4.2 Inspirational
4.2.1 TV chefs
4.3 Religion
4.4 Migration
5 What promotes or affects International Cuisine
5.1 TV chefs
5.2 Supermarkets
5.3 Travel
5.4 Restaruant
5.5 Cook books
6 What is International Cusine
6.1 A combination of different culinary traditions from around the world
7 Government Guidelines
7.1 Healthy eating
8 Quality & Range
8.1 From country's I don't know
8.2 Manufactured & International food
8.2.1 Specialist Shop

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