My Life Goals


Mind Map on My Life Goals, created by ant habr on 01/29/2014.
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ant habr
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My Life Goals
  1. business
    1. travel
      1. The Great Pyramid at Giza Cairo, Egypt
        1. United States
          1. red wood trees (san Francisco)
            1. chicago
              1. vegas
                1. Paris,milan,amsterdam,venice,
          2. great wall
            1. The Colosseum in Rome
              1. Hagia Sophia
                1. The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights
              2. Statue of Zeus at Olympia
                1. Stonehenge
                  1. Machu Picchu
                    1. Taj Mahal
                      1. cape verde
                        1. argentina
                          1. Tanzania
                    2. Grand Canyon Great Barrier Reef Harbor of Rio de Janeiro Mount Everest Aurora Parícutin volcano Victoria Falls
                    3. Family
                      1. Financially
                        1. leisure
                          1. fitness
                            1. compete in all natural
                              1. weight 173 by june
                                1. personal trainer certification
                                  1. compete in some type of marathon
                                  2. carrer
                                    1. learning
                                      1. Graduate college
                                        1. Spanish
                                        2. self improvement
                                          1. Move to hollywod hills
                                            1. buy a jet
                                              1. exotic car collection
                                                1. French bulldog
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