The Blue Planet

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The Blue Planet - Mindmap für den Englisch Unterricht

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The Blue Planet
1 Reasons for Destruction
1.1 exhaust fumes
1.2 industrial waste
1.3 power stations
1.4 toxic waste
1.5 carbon dioxod emission
1.6 radiation
2 Consequences of Destruction
2.1 extinction of biodiversity
2.2 green house effect
2.2.1 climate changing/global warming
2.2.2 heat waves
2.2.3 melting of polar ice capps higher sea levels natural catastrophe
2.3 sea polution
2.3.1 endangered sea creatures
2.4 equilibrating balance of ecosystem
2.5 acid rain
2.6 death of the forests
3 Remedy
3.1 diminishing dust und dirt
3.1.1 recycling reusable renewable waste paper biodegradable
3.1.2 being aware of ecosystem
3.2 wast seperation
3.3 preservation
3.3.1 rainforests
3.3.2 biodiversity
3.4 energy
3.4.1 new energy sources wind energy solar energy
3.4.2 energy conservation
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must, had to, mustn't oder don't need to
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