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1 "I watched with the furious cynicism peculiar to women whose circumstances force mutely to witness folly"
1.1 "This is a melancholy, introspective region"
1.2 "The treacherous South, where you think there is no winter but forget you take it with you"
1.3 "what can he smell of, that needs so much camouflage"
1.4 "The thick, rich, wild scent with which Milord had soaked himself the previous evening hangs all about us"
1.4.1 "We were in a place of perfect privacy" "I was far from home" "His doomed, heavy head, so terrible he must hide it"
1.5 "A cell had been prepared for me"
1.6 "You are a woman of honour"
2 "the world was locked in ice"
2.1 "The Beast's carriage...was black as a hearse"
2.2 "Lost to the beast!"
2.2.1 "We had left the city far behind us and were now traversing a wide, flat dish of snow" "The mist lifted sufficiently to reveal before me an acreage of half-derelict facades of sheer red brick, the vast man-trap, the megalomaniac citadel of his palazzo" "He keeps his shutters locked at noon" "Time passed but I do not know how much...There was so little natural light in the interior of the palace that I could not tell whether it was day or night""
2.3 "The beast goes always masked"
3 "The Beast had chosen to live in an uninhabited place"
3.1 "I was half mad to get out into the open air, away from this deathly place"
3.2 "There was a scurrying wind about that seemed to go with us"
3.3 "Beasts nor women were equipped with the flimsy, insubstantial things when the good Lord opened the gates of Eden and let Eve and her familiars tumble out"
4 "That he should want so little was the reason why I could not give it"
4.1 "I was...a virgin, and therefore men denied me all rationality just as they denied it to all those who were not exactly like themselves"
4.1.1 "We came to the bank of the river that was so wide we cold not see across it"
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