Civil Rights

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Issue 2 - Civil Rights

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Civil Rights
1 15th Ammendment
1.1 Gave BA adults the right to vote.
1.2 Said nobody should lose the right to vote because of race or colour.
2 Black people and rights to vote
2.1 1867 black men given right to vote.
2.2 States made it harder for black people to vote.
2.3 By 1900 few black people to vote.
2.4 If they couldn't vote they couldn't elect politicians to fight against Jim Crow laws.
2.5 Had to register to vote.
2.6 Many Southern states made up series of rules (voting qualifications) which made it difficult for blacks to vote.
2.7 Some states had to pay poll tax.
2.8 Rate set so high most blacks countn't afford to pay - no tax paid, no vote made.
2.9 Some states had literacy tests.
2.10 Black men who went to register to vote were threatened and beaten up.
3 Dates
3.1 1861 - Civil war
3.2 1863 - End to slavery (abolished - North won Civil war).
3.3 1868 - Change to constitution (Blacks to be treated same as whites).
4 13th Ammendment
4.1 Slavery legally abloished.
4.2 FG tried to give greater CR to blacks.
4.3 Southern states used "Jim Crow" laws to maintain segregated society.
4.4 South wanted whites authority to keep control over black population
5 Jim Crow Laws
5.1 Name for all sorts of laws to keep black and white seperate and black people denied Civil
5.2 50 seperate states and own state government - can pass own laws affecting life within state.
5.3 Most JCL passed between 1870 and 1900.
5.4 State Of Mississippi
5.4.1 Seperate schools to be maintained for children of white and coloured races
5.4.2 Wanted to keep segregated society
5.4.3 Seperate but equal facilities
5.4.4 Little done to stop JCL fully legal
5.4.5 1892, black man:- Homer Plessy objected moving from seat on train because it was reserved for white. He was arrested. Argued JCL broke FG law, he lost the case.
5.4.6 Supreme court decided it was acceptable for black and whites to be segregated as long as equal facilities provided
5.5 State of Florida
5.5.1 Marriages between a white person and negro are prohibited
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