Texts on betrayal (not yet finished)

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Texts including poetry, prose and drama which have themes of betrayal in

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Texts on betrayal (not yet finished)
  1. Betrayal Harold Pinter
    1. The play is in reverse chronological order and depicts the affair between Jerry and Emma, both of whom are married
      1. Act 1 scene 1 depicts the awkward reunion between the couple
        1. Incredibly uncomfortable conversation shown through the use of monosyllabic lines
          1. 'Yes'
          2. Constant use of stage directions throughout that simply state 'Pause'
            1. Still a sense of similairty between them and social protocal
              1. 'you remember the form I ask about your husband, you ask about my wife'
            2. Later one scene depicts Emma going to meet Jerry after her husband had disocvered the affair
              1. Realtionship between them greatly contrasts to the beginning more love between them
                1. 'How do I look?// Beautiful'
              2. Final scene/ act of the play depicts how the affair began
                1. Jerry seems to dominate the dialogue and is given a variety of stage directions
                  1. 'He watches her' 'He holds her' 'He kisses her'
                  2. Jerry is incredibly flattering towards Emma
                    1. You're incredible'
                    2. Incredibly forward
                      1. 'I should have had you in your white'
                      2. Jerry uses incredibly hyperbolic language
                        1. 'I can't ever sleep again' 'I won't walk' 'ill be a cripple' 'i'll descend'
                      3. In this play at the beginning it presents lost love and the awkwardness between the couple, while the end depicts love as all encomapssing
                      4. Porphyria's Lover Robert Browning 1836
                        1. Dramatic monologue depicting the death of his lover, they often reveal more about the speaker than orginially intended
                          1. Rhyme scheme is ABABB showing the narrator's state of mind as the poem is repetitive in its rhyme scheme but asymmetrical showing a chaotic mind also written in Iambic tetrameter
                            1. Beginning of the poem presents a storm while the lover remains in the cottage safe from the storm
                              1. Storm seems to be foreshadowing the events that shall take place
                                1. 'Sullen wind'
                                  1. 'tore the elm tops'
                                    1. 'its worst to vex the lake
                                      1. Similar to the pathetic fallacy/ foreshadowing used in popular mechanics
                                  2. Narrator presented as almost obssessive depicting every movement she makes as well as all her features
                                    1. 'smooth white shoulder'
                                      1. 'yellow hair displaced'
                                      2. 'she rose'
                                        1. 'Laid her soiled gloves'
                                          1. 'let the damp hair fall'
                                      3. 'Three times her little throat around. And strangled her'
                                        1. Context highly sexualised poem for the victorian era and would have been particularly shocking for the reader
                                          1. Presents as obssession through death her love is immortalised
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