Grammar revision

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English grammar revision

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Grammar revision
  1. Tens agreement
    1. Verbs followed by gerunds
      1. acknowledge, admit, avoid, consider, confess, defend, dislike, enjoy, finish, mention, permit, practice, suggest understand
      2. Verbs followed by infinitives
        1. agree, appear, learn,remain, say, deserve, expect, wish, want, wait, would like, hope, pretend, refuse, expect
        2. This vs these
          1. Neither/nor Either/or
            1. 1st and 2nd conditionals
              1. 1st conditional: If I win a lottery,I will travel around the world
                1. 2nd conditional: If I were you I would not let him fool you
                2. Despite/in spite of
                  1. Despite not having an umbrella, I walked home in the rain/ In spite of not having an umbrella I walked home in the rain
                  2. Verbs followed by both
                    1. begin, can't bear, can't stand, continue, hate, like, love, prefer, propose, start
                      1. With a change of meaning: forget,go on, regret, remember, stop, try
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