The Data Protection Act 1998

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The Data Protection Act 1998
1 Fair & Lawful
1.1 You cannot do anything unlawful with the data
1.2 You must have legitimate evidence for collecting and using the data
1.3 You must give individuals a notice when you collect their personal data
2 Purposes
2.1 You must be clear about why your collecting personal data & what you intend to do with it
3 Adequacy
3.1 You cannot hold more information than you need for a certain purpose
4 Accuracy
4.1 You must ensure the accuracy of any personal data you obtain
4.2 You must ensure that the source of any personal data is clear
4.3 You must consider whether it in necessary to update the information
5 Retention


  • The continued possession, use, or control of something.
5.1 You must delete information that is no longer needed
5.2 You must update information if it goes out of date
5.3 Depending on the purpose, you must decide whether to keep the information
6 Rights
6.1 You must allow an individual a copy of their personal data that you are keeping
6.2 You must allow an individual compensation for the damages if the Act is breached
7 Security
7.1 You must have suitable security that prevents the personal data from being compromised
8 International
8.1 You must not allow the data to be transferred outside the European Economic Area without adequate protection
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