Why did The Duke of York return from Ireland in 1450?

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Why did The Duke of York return from Ireland in 1450?
1 Take the throne
1.1 Some people saw the Duke of York as a replacement for the king
1.2 The Cade rebels wanted the King to take advise from him


  • The King at the time was Henry VI
1.2.1 They didn't want York to be the king
2 Clear his name
2.1 Cade used the name "Mortimer"
2.1.1 This was Yorks' mother's maiden name
2.1.2 Some people thought that York was part of this. Local rumours Others thought that York wanted to overthrow the KIng


  • Usper the King 
3 Wanted his lrepayment
3.1 The King owned him money
3.1.1 Due to the king bankcurrtping the country, the King sold the crown jewels and borrowed money from Richard
3.2 The goverment didn't repay him for the money which he lent to Henry VI
3.2.1 Owned £26,000 (About over £10 million today)
4 Protect his position
4.1 Thought that he should be chief adviser
4.1.1 He was furious since Somerset became chief adviser
4.2 Feared that he might be charged with treason
4.2.1 Feared that Somerset would be reconised as the heir to the throne
4.2.2 Fear of being attainted
5 Remove Somerset
5.1 York blamed Somerset for the lost of land in France
5.1.1 Somerset replaced York in France and York was sent to Ireland
5.2 Thought that he should be the chief adviser
5.3 He thought that Somerset was to blame
6 Bring justice and end corruptions
6.1 Took himself as the mantel of Champion of justice
6.1.1 Anti-corruption
6.2 York claim to be attacking so called "Evil Men"
6.2.1 At the end of September 1450, York stated to call all tratiors to be brought to justice
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