Why did Edward IV win the crown in 1461?

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A mind map containing some of the reasons of why Edward IV won the crown by 1461. WIP.

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Why did Edward IV win the crown in 1461?
  1. Henry VI's failures
    1. Poor leader
      1. Doesn't know how to lead his troops into battle
        1. Lost a lot of land in France which his Father Henry V won
          1. Bankcuprrted the county
            1. Sold the crown jewels
              1. Borrowed money from the other nobles including Richard Duke of York
              2. Lost a lot of battles
            2. Failed to keep the nobles at peace
              1. Couldn't contain York and Somerset
                1. Only the King can break a noble
                  1. Contatly forgave Richard and the Earl of Warwick
                  2. Couldn't stop some feuds
                  3. A lot of riots at his time despite the fact there was no riots at Henry V's time
                    1. Cade Rebellion 1450
                    2. Fell ill a lot of the time, only to recover
                      1. The Duke of York became lord protecter for some time
                    3. God's veridict
                      1. At the battle of Mortimer cross, three suns appear in the sky
                        1. A sign that God was on the Yorkist's side
                          1. The Yorkist syboml is "Sunne in Splender"
                        2. At this time, most people were very religonus
                          1. Some people believed that when the King fell ill, God is punishing the King for being a bad king
                          2. Battle of Touton
                            1. 20,000 men on both sides
                              1. Largest battle in British History
                              2. Yorkist total victory
                                1. Edward becomes King Edward IV
                                  1. Henry VI, Marget of Anjou and Prince Edward flee to Scotland
                                  2. Warwick helps out Edward by sending men over to the battle field
                                    1. Lasted all day
                                    2. Lancastrian Failures
                                      1. They moved the royal court to Conventry
                                        1. This was a insult to London
                                          1. London is were Kings are made


                                            • Kings were always made in a capital city at the time.
                                            1. London became hostile to Marget
                                              1. If she attacked London, London will side with the Yorkist
                                            2. A loss of trade for the City
                                            3. After winning at St Albans 2. Marget heads back up north
                                              1. Has power up North
                                                1. Should of march to London to remove the Act of Acord
                                                2. Henry VI contastly forgave Richard and Warwick
                                                  1. Only the King can break a noble
                                                3. London's support
                                                  1. Pro-Warwick Merchaerts Supported him
                                                    1. Warwick was known as the Captain of Calais
                                                      1. Strong econoimic reasons
                                                        1. Lost in trade due to marget moving the royal court to Conventry
                                                      2. London was hostile to Marget
                                                        1. Feared Marget's forces up north
                                                          1. Rumors were spread that Marget would allow here soliders to rasack London if they win
                                                          2. Supported the Yorkists
                                                          3. Edward Earl of March's Qualities
                                                            1. Not like his father
                                                              1. Wanted to be King from day 1
                                                              2. At this point he never lost a Battle
                                                                1. Won his first battle at Mortimer's cross
                                                                  1. A good leader
                                                                    1. Wasn't at the battle of St Ablans 2. The Earl of Warwick lead the battle
                                                                  2. Had kingly qualities which Henry VI didn't have
                                                                    1. He needed Warwick due to his Father was killed at WakeField
                                                                      1. 18 by the time of Mortimer's cross
                                                                        1. Seen as Young
                                                                      2. Warwick's support
                                                                        1. Helped Edward at the battle of Touton
                                                                          1. Raised an army to fight at the battle
                                                                            1. Edward need him for help since his father was killed at Wakefield
                                                                            2. Got the support of London
                                                                              1. Always supported the Yorkists at the time (1455-1461)
                                                                              2. DOFY 's (Duke of York's) help
                                                                                1. Needed to be an oppersite
                                                                                  1. Only wanted to be the adviser at first
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