What is the programming language?

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What is the programming language?
1 Why Python
1.1 The program can be carried out anywhere that has internet.
1.2 Python programmers will be needed in many jobs.
1.3 Straightforward language
1.4 Has many common characteristics with other languages such as java and C+.
1.5 They're many plataform to learn python for frree
2 Programming languages is the langue of the future. It is a form of commands that the programmer gives to a machine. This form of communication between man and machine produces a program. A progam allows a machine to solve intricate problems by having different options and products for a scenario.
3 Programming language goes back to centuries before modern computers. There is evidence that ancient machines for astronomy were already in use in 205BC. The Antikythera mechanism predicted astronomical positions.
4 DIfferent type of programming languages include: Java, PHP, Java Scripct, Python, C and C++.
5 Vieo LInk:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKQMoxJR5uk
6 The programming language has open possibilities never before seen. The entire internet's back bone is programming. Without its organization the internet couldn't happen.
7 Bibliography: https://www.devsaran.com/blog/10-best-programming-languages-2015-you-should-know. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Programming_language. https://www.python.org/
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