Presente continuo y presente simple

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prensente simple vs presente continuo

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Presente continuo y presente simple
  1. Estructura
    1. positiva: sujeto+to be+verbo+ing
      1. interrogativa: to be+sujeto+verbo+ ing
        1. negativa: sujeto+ to be+ not+ verbo+ ing
        2. Ejemplos
          1. we are eating rice in my house
            1. I am writing in english
              1. he is meeting his girlfriend
                1. Are they celebrating their anniversary?
                  1. she isn't playing soccer, she is reading a book
                  2. VS
                    1. Presente simple
                      1. Estructura
                        1. Positiva:
                          1. I-YOU-WE-THEY+ verbo
                            1. HE-SHE-IT+verbo+s
                            2. negativa
                              1. HE-SHE-IT+does not+ verbo
                                1. I-YOU-WE-THEY+do not+verbo
                                2. interrogativa:
                                  1. does +HE-SHE-IT+verb+?
                                    1. do+I-YOU-WE-THEY+verb+?
                                  2. Ejemplos:
                                    1. He does not eat
                                      1. she walks very fast
                                        1. I write a book
                                          1. does he play soccer?
                                            1. They speak english
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