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Colombian Presidents During The Conservative Hegemony

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  1. José María Campo Serrano (1886-1887)
    1. He became President of Colombia after the resignation of the President and the dismissal of the Vice President.
      1. He became governor of the Sovereign State of Magdalena, civilian head and military leader of Antioquia, during the revolution of 1885.
        1. He sanctioned the Constitution of 1886 that created the Republic of Colombia proceeding the United States of Colombia.
    2. Eliseo Payán (1887)
      1. As Vice President of Colombia he assumed the Presidency of Colombia because of the absence of President Rafael Núñez between January and June of 1887.
        1. He was a statesman, lawyer, military and Colombian politician
          1. His term was marked by the approaches to the Radical Liberals, and is also known for his political career in Buga and in Cauca, Future of Valle del Cauca.
          2. Rafael Núñez (1887-1888)
            1. He was a Colombian author, lawyer, journalist and politician, who was elected president of Colombia various times.
              1. He led "La Regeneration", with which the federal regimen of the United States of Colombia was ended.
                1. He published the Constitution of Colombia of 1886 and was the author of the lyrics of the National Anthem of Colombia, officially endorsed in 1920.
                2. Carlos Holguín Mallarino (1888-1892)
                  1. He was a Colombian lawyer, journalist, and politician, who became President of Colombia, acting in the absence of President Rafael Núñez as well.
                    1. His mandate was specially known for bringing Colombia phone services and extending public lighting in Bogotá.
                      1. He created the National Police of Colombia. And his particular concern about public works stood out.
                      2. Miguel Antonio Caro (1892-1898)
                        1. He was a Colombian scholar, poet, journalist, philosopher, orator, philologist, lawyer, and politician.
                          1. He played a decisive and important role in the preparation, composition and enactment of the new Constitution of 1886.
                            1. During the six years as president, Caro had to crush three coup attempts by the liberals.
                            2. Manuel Antonio Sanclemente (1898-1900)
                              1. He was a statesman , educator , lawyer and Colombian politician.
                                1. During his leadership , the Thousand Days ' War was triggered and he was viciously Attacked by whom would be his succesor.
                                  1. Additionally, he is remembered for being the oldest president sworn in history. He was 86 years old .
                                  2. José Manuel Marroquín (1900-1904)
                                    1. He was a writer and Colombian statesman.
                                      1. During his presidency, the Hay-Herran Treaty was signed.
                                        1. During his government, he had to confront the guerillas and many battles that spread along the Atlantic Coast and Panama.
                                        2. Rafael Reyes (1904-1909)
                                          1. He tried to end the war and situations of regionalism that were in Colombia
                                            1. He focused on building new roads and railways and worked about the improvement of navigation.
                                              1. He appointed Bogotá as capital of Colombia.
                                              2. Ramón González Valencia (1909-1910)
                                                1. Created the false positives of Colombia and evidently made the negotiation with The United States for the separation of Panama.
                                                  1. He was a Colombian conservative, military officer and statesman. He participated in the civil wars of 1876, Colombian Civil War of 1895, and the Thousand Days War.
                                                    1. His main achievement was the making of a political reform to the constitution of 1886, which brought a long period of peace and gave the country a chance to achieve advance in the process of economic modernization
                                                    2. Carlos Eugenio Restrepo (1910-1914)
                                                      1. During his governorship, he worked towards making political reconciliation among the Conservative and Liberals.
                                                        1. He improved Colombia's economy by increasing taxes and by raising the price and exports of coffee.
                                                          1. He also participated in the Thousand Days' War, as Chief of Staff of the conservative Pedro Nel Ospina .
                                                          2. José Vicente Concha (1914-1918)
                                                            1. Lawyer and diplomat, House Representative in 1898 by Bogotá. Minister of War in 1901. US Ambassador in 1902.
                                                              1. Since Colombia had just gone through two major wars, The Thousand Days' war and the war of session with Panama, he decided to maintain the country neutral during World War I
                                                                1. He initiated his presidency in a prosperous and peaceful time.
                                                                2. Marco Fidel Suárez (1918-1922)
                                                                  1. At his initiative, the income tax legislation was enacted into law in 1918. Later, in 1919, the nation was interconnected by an advance system of wireless telegraphy.
                                                                    1. In 1919 he sanctioned Law 126 by which commercial aviation was established and authorized, allowing for international travel and the operation of the postal service. A year later he brought to the country a French mission to establish and train the Colombian Air Force.
                                                                      1. He implemented the "North Star" policy which linked the foreign policy of Colombia with that of the United States of America.
                                                                      2. Pedro Nel Ospina (1922-1926)
                                                                        1. He was a Colombian General and political figure.
                                                                          1. During his presidency, he organised the Departments of Education, Health and the Treasury.
                                                                            1. He created the Central Bank (Banco de la Republica) and greatly advanced critical public works, such as the main highways and railways systems, dams and bridges, and the crude oil pipelines connecting the mayor oil-fields to the sea ports
                                                                            2. Miguel Abadía Méndez (1926-1930)
                                                                              1. He had to face the difficult economic situation and world resection caused by the Great Depression. He was forced to apply the Law of 1922 by which the government was authorized to borrow money from foreign countries.
                                                                                1. He mainly invested money in the construction of roadways, railways, waterways and sea ports.
                                                                                  1. He was a Conservative party politician and the last president of the period known as the Conservative Hegemony, running unopposed and forming a one party Cabinet.
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