Energy Sources and Power Stations

Lavina Railton
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Lavina Railton
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higher Physics Mind Map on Energy Sources and Power Stations, created by Lavina Railton on 04/26/2016.

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Energy Sources and Power Stations
1 Non-renewable energy resources
1.1 Coal
1.2 Oil
1.3 Natural gas
1.4 Nuclear fuels
1.5 All will run out
1.5.1 damage the environment provide most of our energy
2 Renewable energy resources
2.1 Wind
2.2 Solar
2.3 Wave power
2.4 Geothermal
2.5 hydroelectric
2.6 Tides
2.7 food
2.8 biofuels
2.9 Will never run out
2.9.1 do damage the environment however in a less nasty way don't provide much energy some are unreliable due to weather
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