Humans: The Real Animals Brian 11-1

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Humans: The Real Animals Brian 11-1
  1. Point of View
    1. First person and third person.
    2. Theme
      1. Animal cruelty is bad.
      2. Characters
        1. Protagonists: Monkeys
          1. Antagonist: Scientist
          2. Setting
            1. Cold and scary lab cage.
            2. Plot
              1. Exposition
                1. The story takes place inside a laboratory. Were a group of monkeys are being used as test subjects. With little chance of survival.Who will survive?
                2. Rising Action
                  1. The scientist takes away a few of the monkeys to be experimented on. Making the rest of the monkeys nervous.
                  2. Climax
                    1. The scientist is finishes experimenting with the monkeys and takes the only one that survived back to the others. When the rest see that what awaits them the decide that they have to get out or they will all die painful deaths.
                    2. Resolution
                      1. The surviving monkeys escape and find their way back to the jungle.
                      2. Falling Action
                        1. The monkeys make a plan and the next time the scientist goes to take the monkey to be tested they strike. One monkey stays so that the rest may escape.
                      3. Conflict
                        1. Pearson vs Pearson
                        2. Flashback
                          1. How where the monkeys captured.
                          2. Atmosphere
                            1. Fear, nervousness, drama, tension, desperation.
                            2. Mood
                              1. Mad, sad, disappointed.
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