Chardae Tyus

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Loyal- Strong beliefs about someone or something that you believe in. Humorous- A feeling that engages in comical acts. Nurturing- An act that promotes growth. Adaptable- An act to transition with ease into any environment or setting. Hard-Worker- Someone who takes the time and effort to complete a job or task under any circumstance.

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Chardae Tyus
  1. Loyal
    1. Faithful
      1. Trustworthy
        1. Consistent
          1. Grateful
            1. Humorous
              1. Easy Going
                1. Laughter
                  1. Cheerful
                  2. Nurturing
                    1. Sensitive
                      1. Loving
                        1. Compassionate
                        2. Hard-Worker
                          1. Accountable
                            1. Educated
                              1. Passionate
                                1. Dedicated
                                  1. Dependable
                                  2. Adaptable
                                    1. Team Player
                                      1. Open Minded
                                        1. Willing to Learn
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